How To Grow Your Real Estate Business To 

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Why good morning?  Because I’m about to share with you something that could impact your finances, stress level, and family life by teaching you how to invest in real estate and live life unplugged. Get ready to wake up!

I am Coach Pat Martin and my friends call me “CP”.  I have been a real estate investor for over 20 years and my very first deal with a mentor I made $4K dollars assigning a real estate contract on my lunch break working as the street pastor to the homeless for a large mega church in Dallas, Texas.  That day forever changed my life of trading hours for dollars sacrificing my marriage and family working 50 to 65 hours per week.  6 months later, I became unemployable and have never looked back to becoming and employee ever again.

Today, I live life unplugged.  Myself, my wife and 27-year-old son Elisha and 20-year-old daughter Hannah unplugged from the United States and chose to live our family adventure in South America.  We focus on creating memories as a family, giving back and not accumulating STUFF.   We lean in the direction of being  “minimalists” and realize that life can flip at a moments notice so we have chosen to focus on what matters most in life and not wait for an un-promised day called  tomorrow to live our wildest dreams.


Sometime before the big move to Ecuador I did some soul searching and mapped out my dream life.  This dream life consisted of a life of simplicity and a life with meaning.  I put up on my office “White Board” where I wanted to live and how I wanted to put my family first and create a life unplugged but totally plugged into the Lord Jesus and what he wanted for us.

I wrote down two places to live. My dream was a house on the beach and another place in the mountains. Today we have been living in a beautiful 4 bed, 5 bath beachfront home in Manglaralto, Ecuador right on the Pacific Ocean and we also have a luxury condo in the mountain city of Cuenca , Ecuador


I'm passionate about helping others discover how to live a more abundant life with less.  I put together this FREE MASTERCLASS for you so you too can learn how to live life unplugged.  If you desire to have more financial freedom in your life so you decide how and where you want to spend your time then sign up for my free Masterclass NOW!

So, what’s on your “White Board”?

Here are the areas of real estate I have done over the past 20 years but my favorite is the vacant house PreForeclosure Cash Cow niche market.  However, my very first deal was assigning a contract, I have done rehabs, sub-to’s, wholesaling, creating notes and selling notes, short sales, cash for keys, SFR’s, commercial deals to rental properties.

It’s a thrill ride for sure and I love it when someone says, “it can’t be done” because I take the challenge to look at it from the perspective of success asking myself, “How can it be done?”

Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad says,

“Rich dad would say, "How can I afford it?" "One is a statement, and the other is a question. One lets you off the hook, and the other forces you to think. By automatically saying the words 'I can't afford it,' your brain stops working. By asking the question 'How can I afford it?' your brain is put to work."

This reminds me of two Bible verses that I apply when someone speaks something negative over my life and business deals. 

The first one is Mark 9:23. Jesus said to him, “if you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” 

The other is Phil 4:13.   I can do ALL THINGS through Christ Jesus who gives me strength.

I have a question for you.

How would it feel to have an extra $2500 to $10K or more each
month in your pocket?

Right now, let that sink in and dare to dream and dream big for a moment!  Think about what you would do, where you would live, places you would travel to and how you would give back to help others.

I can personally tell you that it feels GREAT!  It feels AMAZING to financially breath easy and to provide for my family and take those dream vacations, live abroad in another country and to help people in need from volunteering at an orphanage to serving at a soup kitchen feeding refugees and reaching out to a Waorani village in the deep Amazon jungle.

Years ago, I have been on the outside looking across the fence at those with success and wondered how they “made it” living in their gated communities with the wrong mindset thinking that it will never happen for me.  I got a mentor/coach to help me renew my mindset from a spirit of lack to one of abundance and success.


  • I can also tell you that I have felt the financial stress, pain, anger and frustration of not having enough money and having to go without.

  • I know what it is like to take my little boy on a Saturday morning to a salvage/junk yard teaching him how to spot a good used tire with good tread left on it because I couldn’t afford new ones.

  • I also know what it feels like to go to the grocery store with my change jar to put into the “Star” coin machine to get cash for a tank of gas to get me by until pay day on Friday. 

  • I also know what it is like to not have enough money to buy a $350 plane ticket to go see my dying sick Mom with cancer in the hospital in Hamilton, Montana.

  • Not having the extra cash and feeling broke and hopeless totally SUCKS!

  • I hated that feeling so much that I decided to do something about it.  I began to get educated and also to find a mentor that could coach me along the way. 

  • I had to change my mindset from thinking “I Can’t to How Can I”.

Maybe right now you are at your breaking pain point like I was.

Why not let me help you get started today?  Every successful athlete has a coach.  If you want to be successful and make money in real estate, you will need a coach too.

Let me be your coach!  Let me start by saying, welcome to the team.  You are more than good enough to be successful.  Let’s get started right here.


Your first step is to change the way you think from saying to yourself, “I can’t” and replace it with saying out loud… “How Can I”.  Say it again… “How Can I”.


If you would like to become a real estate investor or add another stream of income to your existing real estate business picking up homes for as little as a $10 binder fee creating multiple streams of passive cash flow each month for years to come… then my Preforeclosure Cash Cow Course and my experience of what I have and been doing for over 20 years is exactly what you need.


When the market began to turn ugly back in 2007 and the foreclosure boom happened overnight when New Century Mortgage fired 3200 employees on April 2, 2007, I began to adapt my real estate strategy and focused on the pre-foreclosure short sale explosion.  As in any market, changes will happen and if you are going to be successful, you will have to adapt or die.  This was a beautiful storm if you were prepared.  That’s why I called it a “Boom” and not a “Bubble Bursting”.  FYI… there is a new “Boom” just around the corner.  If you want to be successful… You Must Get ready NOW!


  • I rode the short sale wave for as long as I could and found a wonderful niche market with renting vacant preforeclosure homes.  Short sales became too difficult and time consuming to do with no guarantee on the back end that we could cash out and make a profit.

  • My biggest short sale flip was a multi-million dollar waterfront house on Puget Sound in the state of Washington.  We flipped it for a $310,000.00 profit.

  • As the next couple of years went on, banks became too greedy wanting top dollar, no longer leaving any profit on the bone for us investors who cleaned up the deal and road out the lengthy short sale process to make the house appealing to the retail consumer home buyer.

  • I found myself with a bunch of inventory short sales of vacant homes that I no longer wanted to pursue a short sale flip A to B/B to C close or had the energy to deal with the banks loss mitigation department anymore.

My business colleague attorney and I came up with a brand new unheard of strategy in the real estate industry and it was to rent these vacant pre-foreclosure homes and to profit share with the homeowner.  We have done this for the over 10 years and my very first case study house to work out the details I rented for over 11 years making well over $150K in rental income before it was finally lost at auction. 

Please hear me.  I practice what I preach.  I have made mistakes and have learned from them refining what we do so I can share it with you.

I have made $100’s of thousands of dollars over the years doing what we teach in my Preforeclosure Cash Cow Course and would love to show you how to do the same.