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Over 30 video teachings, mp3 and pdf. You can pick and choose the topic you need without sifting through hours to get to the gold nuggets you want to hear.

CP will cover exactly what you need to know from beginning to end.  He'll show you how to take your very first step to obtain your first deal within days not months. 

Topic examples are: 

  • How to find a prospect vacant pre-foreclosure house. 
  • How to find the home-owner. 
  • What to say to the home-owner. 
  • Contracts and forms. (2 Contracts are all you need)
  • Finding the perfect tenant and having full disclosures.
  • Facebook Market Place and Craigs List ad’s. 
  • Marketing strategies. 
  • Picking the right attorney. 
  • Jamming up/slowing down the foreclosure process for years .
  • Blocking auctions for as little as $50. 

Plus These Bonuses

With my Pre-Foreclosure Rental Riches Course

  • Access to CP’s VIP Rental Riches Private Facebook group.  $999 value
  • Coach Pat’s bonus videos of his Audacious Attitudes of Wealth and Faith.  $799 value
  • Coach Pat’s Bonus video teaching; How to Sell your House in 2 Days with a Weekend HBO Round Robin auction event driving 100’s of people to your open house. $1997 value.
  • Bonus video with our attorney.  Getting houses “Free and Clear”.   Learn how we leveraged bank fraud and get the banks to walk away releasing their liens.  $1997 value. 
  • Video of CP addressing the homeowner called;  Whats in it for the Homeowner $499 value

This is a $6291 value.

  • Over 25 Video Teachings

    Over 30 video teachings, mp3. You can pick and choose the topic you need without sifting through hours to get to the gold nuggets you want to hear.


  • Get your first deal

    CP will cover exactly what you need to know from beginning to end.  He'll show you how to take your very first step to obtain your first deal within days not months. 


  • ​VIP Facebook             Group

    Access to CP’s VIP

    Rental Riches  Private Facebook group​


  • Bonus Video Teachings

    • Getting houses from HOA goldmines

    • Round Robin Auction

    • How to leverage bank fraud.

    • Addressing legalities and leveraging banks to release their lien off of houses.   ​

 I have learned more things about real estate & how the whole foreclosure process works. I can always rely on CP to be honest and tell me the straight truth.  I have made several thousands of dollars with his program. 

David Morgan

RE Investor

CP has the spirit to motivate you and expertise to solve complex problems... and most of all they practice what they preach everyday so their guidance is not theoretical, it's first hand. They helped me get on the path to flourishing instead of just surviving.

Jantzen M.

Project Manager

The passion and care that he has for his own family has DEFINITELY showed up for me as a current student. I witness his generosity, compassion and determination that will open your mind and challenge your whole life. Because of him, I have been a different person not just in the way I view finances but IN ALL areas of my life. 

Marketa M.

Pastor/ Mom


Because of him, I have been a different person not just in the way I view finances but IN ALL areas of my life.The Excellent Spirit, the kindness and encouragement he shows is unmatched in my book as a coach. 

Greg L.

RE Investor

Deal #1 her first week and rents for $1450. Galia lives outside the United States but markets for vacant pre-foreclosure houses virtually on line. Total residual income for the year form this deal is over $17K 

Galia L.  


Coach Pat is a man who loves God, loves his family and has a big heart for the world.

He is knowledgeable and generous with wisdom and time. He's a man of vision and a man of faith and the world around him is blessed because of it.

Shirain C.

Tenant and Retired US Army

Deal #1 house rented for $2500 and profit was over $100K in 3years.


Deal #2 house rented for $2600 and profit was over $109K in 4years.


Deal #3 house rents for $2200 per month.  The profit currently $50K and still renting.

RE Investor

I have known Coach Pat Martin for several years. I am honored to call him a friend and my "Coach" in the Preforeclosure Cash Cow Niche.  The bonus is the God discussions we have had. Get all you can from Coach as it will TRULY bless your life.

Jonathan Rexford

RE Investor


Profit $25K on my vacant house.  I was never out of pocket one dime or had to worry about taxes, HOA fees, insurance or repairs.


 CP and his team handled everything.  All I had to do was cash a check each month.

Darryl C.  Florida.  


The course to help you reach your financial goals...

Take a quick tour around CP's Pre-Foreclosure Rental Riches Course...

Module 1

This is Welcome and overview of the Pre-Foreclosure Rental Riches Course.

Module 2

CP gives a detailed overview of what  the Pre-Foreclosure Rental Riches is all about

Module 3

CP shares how you can easily find the Perfect Prospect home. 

Module 4

CP teaches you what to do and what to say in key phrases to the home owner on the first call to get them to say yes.

Module 7

CP teaches you how to use a on line "Landlord Platform" to collect rents, facilitate the renters application, background and credit checks.

Module 10

CP teaches you what to do when you find Equity in a Rental Riches house and the market value of the house is not upside down.  He calls it "Profit Sharing" with the homeowner.

Module 13

"The Gentle Minimalist"

Coach Pat shares why downsizing and getting out of debt is much easier than you think and why living life unplugged is a great way to live your dream life.


Module 5

Meeting the Homeowner for the first time in person or virtually to get the Performance Lease/Rental contract signed

Module 8

CP covers the two phases of "Foreclosure Defense".  Phase "1" is using an attorney to jam up the foreclosure process for years.  Phase "2" is the Auction Blocking phase.

Module 11

CP created a video for the homeowner called;  "What's in it for the Homeowner" and you will see exactly what he says to the homeowner and you can use this as a resource as well.

Module 6

Finding the right tenant is key.  Coach Pat will share how he has this dialed in to easily find the perfect tenant and how you can do the same just like he does.

Module 9

Coach Pat covers his Private Coaching programs and what you can expect.

Module 12

HOA Goldmines

10 hrs

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Meet The Martin Family

Coach Pat Martin

I am Coach Pat Martin and my friends call me “CP”.  I have been a real estate investor for over 20 years.  I'm married to my wife and business partner Doreen, a Holistic Health Practitioner for 33 years and we have two amazing kids, Elisha and Piper.

  • I'm passionate about helping others discover how to live a more abundant life with less. 

  • My very first deal was assigning a contract. I have done rehabs, sub-2's, wholesaling, creating notes and selling notes, short sales, Cash For Keys, SFR, commercial deals to rental properties.​

  • It’s a thrill ride for sure and I love it when someone says, “it can’t be done” because I love coaching my clients to take the challenge to look at it from the perspective of success asking themselves, “How can it be done?”​

  • My biggest short sale flip was a multi-million dollar waterfront house on Puget Sound in the state of Washington.  We flipped it for a $310,000.00 profit.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a payment plan to purchase your course?

Coach, how you can you legally rent out a house that you don’t personally own?  

I am a Realtor. I have a responsibility to my seller and I have to follow what the bank wants.  Isn’t the short sale the best option. 

CP will tell you as a Realtor that you will make 10x or more money managing the property with the Rental Riches program vs. getting a small one- time commission on the front-end and that’s if you can get the deal done.  12 years ago, CP and his attorney partner were doing 40-60 short sales per month.  There is never a guarantee that the bank won’t come back too high on its BPO and you can’t get high enough offers accepted by the bank.  I am sure you know this first hand. This is why CP and his attorney came up with the Rental Riches program.  Also, you the Realtor have a contract to represent the seller and not the bank.  Your “duty” is with the seller and never the bank.  Your seller has an adversarial relationship in a law suit with their bank/lender.  CP’s attorney would tell you never to blur those lines and reach across the table to shake hands with the opposition of your client, the seller.

Also, CP is not an attorney.  Now… if you do this the right way, you will make much more money with the Rental Riches program and so will your client, the homeowner.  As a Realtor, you have a fiduciary responsibility to your client, the homeowner seller.  The bank/lender won’t allow your client, the homeowner seller, to make a dime by selling it as a short sale.  So what is in your client’s best interest?  Is the short sale better or is the Rental Riches program better for your client?  That is the short answer.  The long answer is this.  Do you represent the bank or do you represent the homeowner?  You represent the owner. You have a signed contract with the owner.  You do not have a signed contract representing the bank.  Your client is in an adversarial relationship in a law suit with their lender.  Because you represent contractually the borrower homeowner, your opposition is also your client’s opponent as well.  You have a fiduciary responsibility to the homeowner, your client and no duty at all to the bank because you do not have a contract to represent the bank.  If you did… that would be a conflict of interest with your client, the homeowner.  Many Realtors have gotten themselves into hot water when they have crossed the aisle to shake hands with the enemy/the bank and found themselves in bed with the bank at the expense of their client, the homeowner.  There have been many E&O insurance payouts to homeowners from Realtors crossing the aisle thinking they have some sort of “DUTY” to the lender or the lenders' legal counsel. Please be very careful here in your thinking and position about what is called “DUTY”.  This is why I think and so does my real estate attorney colleague, think the same way and that is a short sale is usually not in the best interest for the homeowner.  I have some questions for you.  How much money will the bank allow the homeowner to make on a short sale?  It is ZERO!  Does the homeowner have the right to rent out his house and be in default at the same time?  He sure does as he/she is still the legal owner of the house until it is lost to the foreclosure auction/sale or the bank petitions the judge/court to have the rental monies deposited into the court's registry so that the bank can be awarded these profits once the judges ruling is finalized with the Lis Pendens law suit.  This scenario with opposing counsel putting in a motion for rental monies to be deposited into the court system is a huge remote possibility as 99.9% of the time, the bank is not aware of the house being rented and also, most of the time, opposing counsel won’t put that much time and effort into the law suit towards your client as their plates are already too full and opposing counsel is not getting paid extra monies to do this and basically work for the bank for free.  Your client will actually make thousands of dollars with the Rental Riches program.  In reality… the Rental Riches program should be your first recommendation for your client the homeowner, as the Rental Riches program is financially better for him than going the short sale route.  The short sale route should be his plan B or plan C in CP’s opinion.  It is hard for Realtors to wrap their minds around this and put their clients' best interest in front of the Realtors' interest, as the Realtor won’t get a commission on the front end of a short sale closing going the Rental Riches avenue… However… with CP’s Rental Riches model, the Realtor will make much more money with the Rental Riches program in the long run.  For all you Realtors, please put your clients best interest before your own and we promise… you will make much more money in the long run with the Rental Riches program if you do it the right way and you will put thousands of dollars in your homeowner/clients pocket too.

If the homeowner has stopped paying their mortgage payments, who is paying for the taxes and insurance?

The bank will pick up paying the taxes and the homeowners insurance.  The bank wants to protect its interests and will do what is called “Forced Placed” insurance in the same way as they would do this if the borrower failed to keep their own insurance policy paid up if they did not have PITI all in one payment.  Also, when it comes to the property taxes, the bank will keep those paid up as well or they risk losing the house to a tax deed sale.  Tax sales will trump the first place mortgage on a property.  This is why lenders will 99% of the time make the tax payments on the house.​

Can I do this in all 52 states and Puerto Rico?

CP’s real estate attorney says this can be done in all states and PR. However, there are some states that do not have a lot of homes in default.  We have Realtor friend’s in Alaska and there are not many defaulted pre-foreclosure homes and short sales there.  Very few people in default in Alaska.  CP has done deals in Montana, Idaho and Washington and even Wyoming.  But he doesn’t see much in North and South Dakota.  Maybe in Rapid City??  CP likes to go fishing where the most fish are biting.  From Hawaii to Puerto Rico… he would snatch them up even if a deal popped up in Alaska or in Wall Drug, SD. There are a 4-5 states that he no longer does business in as they are not "Pro" real estate investor and welcoming to entrepreneurs.  CP likes to do business in states that are easy and investor friendly.    

What homes are the best fit or your program?​

The best houses are; behind on payments, vacant, in good condition, have all the appliances, rents preferred at $2000 or more per month, not having an auction date tomorrow and owners are cooperative.  CP does have student/clients in rural areas of the country that do not have higher-income rental houses and they rent near the $1000 per month range as well.  CP prefers higher rents.  Homes must be vacant or the owner already has plans to move.  CP prefers nicer homes that will rent for at least $2000 per month.  He has taken on homes for much less in rent.  The same amount of time it takes for a $850 rental takes the same for a $3500 or $5500 per month rental.  He looks for gated communities in his home town and drives for dollars.  When he is in the states… he has certain farming areas he personally knows and will farm those areas by driving and also using Realtors to locate prospect houses for what he is looking for.  CP also subscribes to an online program that will give him a list of vacant pre-foreclosure homes in a specific area that he wants to farm in as well. When you get his course you will find all of CP's resources he personally uses.  He prefers to stay out of what he calls the “War Zones” and low-income houses.​

If you started today to find homes, what would you do first?​

CP subscribes to 3-4 online programs to locate properties, skip trace owners and a special call system that can dial 20 numbers at a time to get an owner on the phone.  If you are limited on funds, CP would go to Zillow and refine his search to the pre-foreclosure blue dots.  He would pick a zip code with nicer houses.  He would drive for dollars.   Also, call and network with Realtors and Probate attorneys.  Provided that you have your contract packages already made up and business cards in hand… he would go to Zillow and refine his search to the pre-foreclosure blue dots.  He would pick a zip code with nicer houses.  He would write those addresses down and map out his route to drive to each one of those houses to find the vacant ones.  While he is driving, he will also look for active Realtor signs in these neighborhoods and will be calling these Realtors to prospect them while he is cruising the farming area neighborhoods.  Here are some other things he will do that are easy great lead sources.  He will find mailmen… mail carriers and will give them a $5 gift card to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and leave them his biz card.  He will ask them to be a bird dog and text him leads of vacant houses in their mail delivery area.  He will pay them $500 for every lead that turns into a deal.  He also does this with his UPS drivers and FedEx drivers as well.  Another lead source is lawn care companies that have been sub-contracted by property preservation companies that have been hired by the bank to take care of vacant/abandoned houses.  He will get on the phone and call the top 20 lawn care companies in his town and network with them to get leads and also pay them $500 for each lead that turns into a deal. Lead sources are truly endless if you put your mind to it.

How long can you keep the house as a rental before losing it to the foreclosure auction?​

The longest one CP has had has been 11 years.  July of 2007 until lost at auction on June 14, 2018.  It also depends on when he picks up the house in the foreclosure process.  The sooner in the process, the longer he can keep them.  Rule of thumb is 3-7 years.  That’s why CP calls it  "Rental Riches”.   If we are in the second phase of the foreclosure process of what CP calls the “Auction Blocking” phase… we have 8-10 bullets to fire to block auctions.  Each time an auction is blocked, it gets us another 5-8 months on the low end to 9-15 months on the high end to Cash Flow the house.  You do the math.​

Is it too late if there is an auction date next week?​

No, it is not too late.  CP and his attorneys have blocked auctions the day of.  He actually prefers a week before an auction but has blocked many auctions with just a 2-3 days before the sale date.​

What if the house needs repairs?  Do you pay and get the repairs done before you rent it out? 

Typically, no. Keep in mind that you may have to hire a lawn care landscape company to mow the lawn until you get  it rented.  Sometimes he has had to hire a locksmith to re-key the front door if the owner no longer has keys. These are minor start up expenses. For other expenses, CP will offer an incentive and give away ½ month free or more in free rent in lieu of repairs and clean up.  Example:  If they begin on day one of the month, the next rent payment won’t be due until the 15th of the following month or in some cases not due for 60 days.  CP currently has a house that needs a ton of work… I mean a lot.  He has marketed the house and given away 2 months free.  This means they pay first, last and a deposit to get in on day one.  The next monthly payment is not due for 90 days.  Within 3 days he had 5 people inquire and pay for the background and credit checks.  He found his tenant.  From the time he placed his Craig’s list and FB Market Place Ads… the new tenant moved in within 8 days and gladly wanted to put in the time and elbow grease to clean up and paint to get this great deal.  CP would rather give away time… weeks or months than be out of pocket cash.  It is a win/win/win for the tenant and CP.​

Are we hurting or taking advantage of the banks?

In reality, it is the borrower that was “used/abused” and taken advantage of by the banks.  Please hear me out if you disagree.  The banks were never the victims in the foreclosure bubble bursting.  The whole scheme was based on Mortgage Backed Securities on Wall Street and selling these “Swaps”.  Remember the movie, The Big Short?  The banks have been made whole after the first 90 days of default with the insurance pay out of PMI… Private Mortgage Insurance.  There are also more insurance pay outs to the lenders trusts called Credit Default Insurance/Credit Default “Swap” Insurance.  Lastly, the bank resells the house at auction, short sale or an REO.  The banks get made whole multiple times. Remember that this foreclosure crisis was engineered to happen by the banks and some Wall Street “gurus” years before the Boom and the Bust.  This was designed and created for banks to cash in and make Billions.  It is the “Insurance” companies that backed the loans that took the big hit financially.  Lehman Brothers to Goldman Sachs… they no longer exist.  

Again, the banks have been made whole multiple times just on one defaulted mortgage.  CP doesn’t feel one bit sorry for the banks.  First, PMI has been forced to pay by the homeowner but the borrower is not the beneficiary to the insurance policy that they paid for.  Hello… this speaks volumes of smelling a dead rat right there. This means when the borrower defaults after 90 days, the bank gets to cash in on the PMI policy and got made whole for the most part.  This is why banks won’t do a Loan Modification before 90 days but required the borrower to fall behind 91 days before the borrower could apply for a Loan Mod.  Also, on each trust the note and mortgage gets placed into, the individual trusts have what is called “Credit Default Swap Insurance” on top of the banks PMI.  This means the trust gets paid another insurance pay out and made whole again.  Some notes and mortgages are wrapped up into multiple trusts.  Each trust has its own “Insurance” policy. This means the bank gets made whole multiple times and paid off 3-5 times with PMI and multiple policies for each trust with Credit Default Swap Insurance. Now the icing on the cake is that the bank gets made whole multiple times with the insurance payouts and then an additional time when it sells the property and makes another profit on the short sale or auction or when it sells as an REO.  

This is why the banks bundled these notes and mortgages on Wall Street and sold them as Insurance Backed Mortgages.  They were “banking” on the borrower to default.  The real tragedy here is that the borrower is forced to pay the PMI but the bank/lender is listed as the beneficiary to the insurance policy that the borrower is forced to pay.  We are not taking advantage of the bank but rather we are empowering the homeowner to make the best of a bad situation and put some cash in their pockets.  

Also… we are bettering the neighborhood by keeping a house occupied and maintained.  We are helping the housing market for the neighborhood as well to keep values higher.  Vacant abandoned houses pull the market value down in those neighborhoods.  But most of all, we are helping a hurting homeowner that has lost his home and is not making a dime on his house.  Now we are putting 100’s or even $1000’s of dollars in his/her pocket each month.  We are helping them make a car payment, utilities payments, groceries to kids dance lessons.

Remember that it was Bank of America who was sued by AIG insurance for double and triple and quadruple dipping on insurance payouts.  This was some major fraud.  However, no BOA officer went to prison.  How can this be?  No one went to prison.   BOA settled the first of many law suits for $22 Billion dollars.  The first of many by BOA and many other big banks settled as well.  Again, your question needs to be… Did the homeowner get taken advantage of by the banks in this pre-planned foreclosure boom?  BOA didn’t go to trial.  BOA settled out of court and AIG dropped the lawsuit.  This was the first of many “multi-billion” dollar settlements BOA had and all the other big banks too.  The real answer to your question, "Am I hurting or taking advantage of the banks"??   H, E, double hockey sticks No!!!  Now, after you read this… you might just have a different perspective.

How does the homeowner benefit?​

The homeowner benefits making money from the rental income you pay them on a monthly basis from the Performance Lease/Rental contract you have with them… thousands of dollars over the next few months and years.  In a short sale or just walking away from the house puts zero dollars in the homeowner’s pocket.We are taking a non-performing asset of an abandoned house for the most part and creating a monthly income stream.   For whatever reason, the homeowner did not do this himself.  We are taking care of everything and paying the homeowner rent.  The homeowner otherwise because of his in-action to create his own monthly profit stream would not have made a dime and would have let the bank walk all over the top of him without putting up a fight.  The homeowner now because of us has a fighting chance and gets to put some serious cash in their pockets as well.

Does this cost the homeowner any money?​

Why would a homeowner do this?

Similar question…  I will add a few more things here… the homeowner is simply choosing to rent their home to us.  With the Rental Riches program, we may choose to pay our attorney to do foreclosure defense and represent us the tenant to the homeowner/borrow. The homeowner does nothing to manage the rental between us.  He only has to worry about cashing his/her check each month from our discounted rent payment we make to them.  We and our attorneys may offer the bank’s attorneys a settlement offer rather than a short sale.  Sometimes Coach Pat will do a reinstatement and a recast of back payments bringing the account to a “current” status and then look at doing what is called a “Sub-2”.  There are many benefits to the homeowner renting their property to us rather than giving up and walking away.

The homeowner has two choices.  He can give up and walk away without putting up a fight and let the bank take the house at auction or he can go under Performance Lease/Rental contract with you to put thousands of dollars in his/her pocket over months and years.  Without taking a shot…the borrower will never score a goal and hit the back of the net.  Wayne Gretzky the great NHL hockey player's famous quote says, “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  

FYI… We, meaning CP and also his attorney have been able to get 5 houses free and clear by exposing bank fraud and getting the banks to release their lien off the property.  We would never have gotten a release of lien had the homeowner given up and walked away.  That is why the homeowner chooses to do the Rental Riches program.  What does he/she have to lose?  They have already chosen to walk away and give up and get nothing.






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